Nal/ enteropathy small intestine (duodenum/jejunum/ileum) enteritis duodenitis jejunitis ileitis peptic (duodenal) ulcer curling's ulcer malabsorption: coeliac tropical sprue blind loop syndrome small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome whipple's short bowel syndrome steatorrhea milroy disease bile acid malabsorption large intestine (appendix/colon) appendicitis colitis pseudomembranous ulcerative ischemic microscopic collagenous lymphocytic functional colonic disease ibs intestinal pseudoobstruction / ogilvie syndrome megacolon / toxic megacolon diverticulitis/diverticulosis large and/or small enterocolitis necrotizing ibd crohn's disease vascular : abdominal angina mesenteric ischemia angiodysplasia bowel obstruction: ileus intussusception volvulus fecal impaction constipation diarrhea infectious intestinal adhesions rectum proctitis radiation proctitis proctalgia fugax rectal prolapse anismus anal canal anal fissure/anal fistula anal abscess anal dysplasia pruritus ani gi bleeding/bis upper hematemesis melena lower hematochezia accessory liver hepatitis viral hepatitis autoimmune hepatitis alcoholic hepatitis cirrhosis pbc fatty liver nash vascular budd-chiari syndrome hepatic veno-occlusive disease portal hypertension nutmeg liver alcoholic liver disease liver failure hepatic encephalopathy acute liver failure liver abscess pyogenic amoebic hepatorenal syndrome peliosis hepatis gallbladder cholecystitis gallstones/cholecystolithiasis cholesterolosis rokitansky-aschoff sinuses postcholecystectomy syndrome porcelain gallbladder bile duct/ other biliary tree cholangitis psc secondary sclerosing cholangitis ascending cholestasis/mirizzi's syndrome biliary fistula haemobilia gallstones/cholelithiasis common bile duct choledocholithiasis biliary dyskinesia sphincter of oddi dysfunction pancreatic pancreatitis acute chronic hereditary pancreatic abscess pancreatic pseudocyst exocrine pancreatic insufficiency pancreatic fistula abdominopelvic hernia diaphragmatic congenital hiatus inguinal indirect direct umbilical femoral obturator spigelian lumbar petit's grynfeltt-lesshaft undefined location incisional internal hernia peritoneal peritonitis spontaneous bacterial peritonitis hemoperitoneum pneumoperitoneum m: dig anat(t, g, p)/phys/devp/enzy noco/cong/tumr, sysi/epon proc, drug(a2a/2b. buy viagra cheap order viagra online viagra on the nhs prescription long does viagra 20 mg work viagra sales usa buy viagra online viagra 8000mg viagra 8000mg viagra without prescription viagra 8000mg can buy viagra pakistan cheap viagra 20mg viagra online CentralRecordsLogo
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